About Us


Our Mission:

iZIMAX works with clients to understand business and customer needs and then develops tailored solutions to help them grow. Our mission is to build plans and strategies and provide the tools companies need to increase brand awareness, content visibility for customers and search engines, leads, conversions and ultimately revenue and market share.
Who We Are:
iZIMAX, located in Los Angeles, California, assists companies of all sizes and across many industries. Our customer-focused, educated staff have demonstrated experience and expertise in traditional and internet marketing, web development, graphic design, SEO and video production.
How We Can Help Your Business:

Our team stays on top of all trends and changes for technologies and devices. We incorporate these in everything we do, ensuring designs, templates and content are optimized for display and functionality on all devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. We put our knowledge and expertise to work for our clients by:

  • Helping companies overcome challenges and obstacles to grow their businesses
  • Providing top-notch services for our clients, enabling them to offer the best possible experiences for their customers
  • Building the tools and campaigns to help companies create and build on relationships and increase interaction with their customers
  • Assisting businesses to set goals, identify audience segments, develop plans and strategies, manage their reputations and market their brands and products
  • Enabling our clients to boost brand awareness, increase leads and conversions, and maximize ROI

We would love to talk to you about how we can help your company. Contact us to learn more about iZIMAX’s services and ways we can grow your business.