E-mail Marketing

E mail marketing has been around for a number of years, but it remains a low-cost, effective option for getting results. A report by MarketingSherpa found that 60% of companies feel email marketing produces ROI. And last year, 44% of consumers made one or more purchases tied to an email communication, according to Salesforce and Convince & Convert.Effective Email Marketing Drives ResultsWith the right design, copy, topics, images and calls to action, your campaigns will deliver results. And appropriately segmenting and managing your list as well as ensuring relevant content and messaging will increase deliverability and response.iZIMAX understands how to design, launch, and manage successful email campaigns. We also help businesses in tracking and analyzing results to improve future communications. Our email marketing services include:
  • Determination of goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Creation of messaging strategies that are consistent with your brand
  • Setting up email campaigns and templates
  • Providing copywriting and design services
  • Distribution of emails
  • List building and management services
  • Segmentation and targeting of distribution lists to ensure the right message for the right customer
  • Recommendations and strategies
  • Original, engaging content and mobile-friendly emails
  • Schedules and calendars for future planning
  • Tracking, analyzing and reporting on results

Keys to Email Success

Email communications and newsletters can increase leads and conversions to boost revenue for your business. Some of the important elements our team incorporates into all projects includes:

  • An easy-to-read, engaging design
  • A mobile-friendly format
  • Customized copy, images and other content for your audience
  • Clear calls to action and working links
  • The ability to easily share emails with others
  • Links to mobile-friendly landing pages

Email and Mobile Devices

According to Experian Marketing Services, more than 50% of email opens occur on mobile devices. And in some cases, people open the same email across multiple devices, including mobile phones, desktop and laptop computers and tablets.

iZIMAX understands this trend and how to maximize email campaign performance across all viewing devices. As our team creates email designs, templates, images and copy, we test them on various platforms to ensure readability and function.

Some companies make the mistake of optimizing emails for mobile viewing but not checking calls to action and links. It is crucial for URLs go to landing pages that also display well on all devices. Missing this step can lead to dissatisfied customers and bad experiences with your brand.

Email Compliance

Email communications are a form of permission-based marketing. This means you need to ask people to opt-in to your email campaigns before including them on the distribution list. It does not mean scraping the internet for addresses or other methods of obtaining list additions, without gaining approval and opt-ins.

Distribution lists must also be managed in order to remove bad addresses and those who opt-out from communications. This is important to ensuring compliance with the CAN-SPAM act. By letting iZIMAX handle your email needs, our team will ensure the most engaging design and content, greatest deliverability and observance of applicable regulations.

Other Email Services

iZIMAX provides full email services, from recommendations and strategies to design, content, distribution and measurement and analysis of results. Some of the additional services we can provide for your business includes:

  • Building email strategies for autoresponders and drip campaigns
  • Reviewing and analyzing potential integration with your CRM system
  • Determining options for integration with social media networks
  • Ensuring all emails, and associated landing pages, are optimized for readability and engagement on all devices

Contact us for a quote or more information on how iZIMAX can help your company build and successfully execute email campaigns that generate interest, encourage customers to take action and result in leads and sales for your business.