Incredible New Technology on Display at the LA Auto Show

The LA Auto Show is taking place from November 21-30 this year, and as always, it has presented some of the most impressive new technologies that can be found in vehicles. The auto industry has been employing new technologies just as fast as the rest of the world, and those gains are starting to be seen in some features that would have seemed impossible just a few short years ago.
If you love cars, or technology – or both – you will be very interested to learn about the amazing features that are either being put into cars currently, or could be in the very near future. Below are some of the top developments seen at this year’s version of the LA Auto Show.
Active Grille Shutters
This is a feature that has already been seen on a few new vehicle models, but is starting to get more and more popular. The 2016 Ford Explorer will include active grille shutters, which means that the front grille will open and close automatically based on the driving conditions and the needs of the engine. At high speeds, the grille will close to reduce drag and improve performance and efficiency. However, in hot conditions when the engine needs to be cooled by the passing air, the grille will automatically open back up. Like most technologies revealed at the LA Auto Show, the beauty of this system is that it doesn’t require the driver to take any action in order to work.
Rain-sensing Wipers
Another feature that has started to become more popular in recent years, and another one that is present on the new Explorer. Rather than requiring the driver to find the right button or lever to enable to wind shield wipers, they can be automatically engaged by sensing the moisture on the windshield and responding appropriately. So, you simply drive along and if the rain starts to fall, the wipers will take care of it for you. Instead of messing around until you find just the right setting, you can allow the vehicle to do all of the thinking.
Onboard Wi-Fi
Most of us have gotten used to having internet access via Wi-Fi just about everywhere we go – except in the car. However, that could all be changing quite soon, with systems like that which is being offered by GM. Many of their new vehicles are equipped with 4G Wi-Fi capability that will allow you to connect an impressive seven devices to the signal. There are obvious advantages to having wireless internet service through your vehicle that is separate from your cell phone service, and it would seem likely that this feature only becomes more and more prevalent.
iPhone Music Compatibility
Hyundai announced at the LA Auto Show that it is going to offer a system known as Apple Car Play, which will work with your iPhone to play music through your vehicle (it will work with Android devices as well). Given the popularity of the new iPhone 6, along with the overwhelming popularity of smartphones in general, it seems inevitable that car makers will find more ways to integrate the driving experience with the power of the cell phone. The ability of vehicles to interface with phones has already come a long way, and will continue to develop in years to come.
Those are just a few highlights from the exciting LA Auto Show, and more interesting pieces of news are sure to be revealed in the days ahead. To be sure, it is a great time to be someone who is interested in both technology and automobiles, as the two are beginning to come together in ways that have never before been seen.
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