PPC Marketing

ppc marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a cost-effective method of online advertising that generates immediate results. It can give your business a competitive edge and level the playing field with larger companies providing similar products or services. And with PPC, you can start with a smaller spend and then increase your investment as your campaigns succeed and your customer base grows.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

With properly managed campaigns, PPC can increase website traffic, leads and conversions to grow your company’s revenues. iZIMAX’s team helps ensure success by regularly monitoring campaigns, ads and budgets, verifying the proper keyword selections and creating and managing ads with strong ad text and messaging. Consistency is crucial, and for optimal performance, campaigns should be ongoing. Once they are paused or stopped, the leads and related conversions also end. Campaigns need to be analyzed and managed to ensure keywords are performing and budgets are adjusted as needed to ensure maximum ROI. iZIMAX’s PPC marketing services for clients include:

PPC Marketing

  • Assistance in identifying and setting goals for your business
  • Identification of keywords specific to your business and audience
  • Review and analysis of your current budget and campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Optimization of campaigns and ads
  • Ensuring relevant content to attract potential customers
  • Targeting of ads to improve performance and reach the right audience for your business
  • Creation, testing and ongoing analysis of landing pages
  • Copywriting and ad messaging
  • Daily monitoring of bids and performance
  • A/B testing for optimal ad performance
  • Budget management
  • Tracking, analysis and reporting

Campaigns on Major Search Engines

iZIMAX offers PPC services and management of campaigns, ads and budgets on the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our expert team understands the differences and how to optimize performance, click-throughs, leads and conversions on all three. And by monitoring ads regularly, we can quickly make any needed adjustments to maximize campaign effectiveness.

The iZIMAX team analyzes keywords, budgets and ad targeting and provides you tracking and results on all three platforms. Our staff knows how to set and balance budgets between different search engines to maximize the return on your advertising dollars. Your money should be spent where it reaches and best engages your audience, translating into increased revenue through sales of products and services.

PPC Ad Formats

Ad formats should reflect what attracts customers, gets them to take action and performs best for your business. In some cases, this may be text-based ads in search engine results pages, on ad network sites or on mobile phones. Other times, image-based display ads or even videos may be the better option.

Technology today also allows for remarketing campaigns. These ads are triggered when a visitor comes to your website. Once they leave and go to other sites, they receive ads promoting your products and services.

When potential customers initially visit your site, they may not be ready to purchase yet. Remarketing serves to remind them about your brand as they progress through the purchasing cycle. It can be the difference between them going with your company over one of your competitors.

PPC and Other Marketing

iZIMAX’s objectives are to help you meet business goals, increase your ROI, raise brand awareness and give you an advantage over competitors. PPC is one way to do so, but when combined with SEO and other marketing strategies and tactics, businesses can see even better results in terms of increased brand awareness, leads and conversions.

Branding and messaging needs to be consistent across campaigns and with other marketing communications. Calls to actions can vary, but all marketing touch points should be in alignment with the company’s goals, values and the perception it wishes to convey.

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