Reputation Management

Your reputation is your business. If it is good, your business typically grows. If not, you have obstacles to overcome before you can build your customer base and sales. Regardless of size, industry or product, reputation management is important for all companies.Your Reputation OnlineWith a large number of the review sites and feedback mechanisms online, it can be easy for a business to lose control of what people are saying about its products and how they perceive its brand. Your business needs to be aware and listen to what customers, and for that matter, what others who may not have a direct relationship with you, are communicating about your company and brands.So where do you start? iZIMAX can help. We assist clients in harnessing the power of the internet to surface positive brand experiences and feedback. Specifically, our reputation management services include:

  • Review and assessment of your current situation
  • Development of a plan and strategies for increasing positive feedback and dealing with or removing (or at least pushing it down in search results) negative online feedback
  • Creation of a process for encouraging customers to post positive feedback about your brand
  • Development of a plan for promoting feedback on your site, in ads, on social media accounts, in emails and other communications
  • Daily monitoring of mentions, reviews and feedback
  • Tracking, analysis and reports

Search Engine Results

When someone does a search on your business, what shows up in the results? Is it positive, negative or somewhere in between? iZIMAX’s goal for its clients is for positive feedback, reviews and ratings to be what their customers see. This helps improve your brand image, but it also builds trust and can help you gain new customers and increase revenue.

We assist businesses in developing plans to encouraging customers to talk about the great experiences they have with products and services. Our experienced team surfaces these positive reviews, since we understand negative feedback can hurt your brand, cost you potential customers and result in missed revenue opportunities.

Review and Directory Sites

When it comes to local businesses, 85% of consumers read online reviews and 73% have more trust in companies with positive reviews, according to a study by BrightLocal. It is even more important than ever to proactively manage your online reputation.

Some of the popular review and directory sites include Yelp, Citysearch,, plus there are industry-specific sites, as well. It is crucial to monitor these in order to identify and deal with negative feedback immediately, but it is equally important to highlight good customer experiences.

One of the ways iZIMAX recommends surfacing the positive is for businesses to encourage customers to post reviews, ratings and comments when they have a great experience with your brand. While this improves the perception of your company, it can also lead to increased website traffic and improved search engine rankings if handled properly.

Social Media Sites

Businesses must also keep in mind that social media sites can have a similar impact on a company’s reputation. And some conversations that start on these sites actually continue and can be perpetuated in person, over the phone and in other ways. If people are talking about your business, you want to make sure they are saying good things.

It is more important than ever to actively listen online and respond to customers. You can uncover valuable feedback to improve your brand, learn more about your customers and improve their perception of you by answering questions or addressing issues quickly. Again, you should encourage people to mention your brand and post feedback in a positive light.

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