Three Reasons Why E mail Marketing Still Matters !

You might have read articles proclaiming the death of email as we know it. After all, with modes of communication like text messages and instant chats, why would people still use email? Isn’t it slow by comparison? Well, the answer is that email still offers plenty of benefits that other modes of communication don’t. For example, email is a great platform for professionals who want to lay out formal communications that don’t come across properly on a text message. Also, email is more convenient in that it can be answered at any time, can contain graphics or attachments, and is easier to broadcast to a number of recipients. For those reasons and more, don’t look for email to go the way of the dinosaur any time soon.

With all of that said, you should still be paying close attention to email marketing and what it can do for your business. Email marketing is simply the process of building a list of potential (or current) customers, and sending them periodic emails to promote your products or services. NOTE: It is important to follow all relevant spam laws when sending out emails to avoid legal trouble (and to stay on good terms with your customers). Educate yourself on these rules, and use an email service that helps you comply.

There are a number of ways you can build an email list to use for marketing purposes. You can offer a free giveaway in exchange for signing up, hold a content for members of your mailing list. Whatever method you use, email marketing is still powerful for the three reasons below.

#1 – Direct Communication

In the marketing world, there are very few opportunities to communicate directly with your potential customers – and email marketing is one of those chances. Once a person signs up for your mailing list, you can send them direct communication with whatever message you wish to deliver regarding your products or services. This is a powerful way to make sales, as the person on the receiving end of the email can open the message whenever they have time and will hopefully click-through to your website to learn more. In a world that is covered with marketing at every turn, carving out your own space in an email inbox can be invaluable.

#2 – Educate Your Audience

The hardest part about marketing is getting potential customers to understand what your product is, and what it can do for them. If you are able to do that part successfully, you will be far closer to making a sale. Using email marketing, you can deliver a series of messages to a potential customers which walks them through the buying process. The first emails simply inform or educate without much of a hard sale. As the series advances, the emails make more obvious why the customer should make a purchase. Most marketing methods don’t offer this kind of opportunity to teach your audience about what you are selling, so email marketing is a powerful tool for this reason alone.

#3 – Less Intrusive

Another way to contact your potential customers directly is through telemarketing – but even the mention of that word has a negative connotation. Telemarketing is by nature intrusive, and most people are turned off by it instantly. With email marketing, you still get the advantage of sending a message directly to your customer, but you don’t have to bother them when they are busy. If they get tired of your messages, they can simply unsubscribe and be off the list. Therefore, your advertising is less likely to be seen as an annoyance, and more likely to be accepted.

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