Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing

While the internet has been around for more than two decades now, it is constantly changing and evolving. Recently, internet speeds have rapidly increased for most users, meaning that larger files can be moved back and forth quickly. This has made a number of new things possible, and video marketing is one of the most important. Since videos require a lot of memory to be used, they weren’t a realistic marketing tool in years gone by for most businesses. However, now that internet speeds are so much faster and computers have so much more memory available, video marketing has become an incredible tool.

In many ways, using video marketing is much like running a TV commercial for your business. In fact, it could be considered to be more effective than a TV commercial, because you are able to target it even more specifically than you can on television. When you are able to put the right video in front of the right audience and inform them about your products and services, great things can happen very quickly.

There are a few different approaches you can take to video marketing as part of your overall internet marketing plan. Let’s take a closer look at some of those options –

The Informational Video

This is probably the most popular method, and also the easiest to produce. This kind of a video has one main goal – to inform visitors about your product or service. This video is usually placed on your website, or on the different social media accounts that you may use for your business. The video gets right down to the business of informing the viewer about all of the benefits and advantages that your product has to offer. This is, essentially, a sales video, although the content is focused more on information than on hard sales. The goal is that the customer will be so impressed by what your product can do for them that they will proceed immediately to making a purchase.

The Funny Video

The internet is full of videos that are attempting to be funny – some more successful than others. This is a valuable tool from a business perspective because it can create brand loyalty and positive notoriety. The video could be loosely based on one of your products, or it could just be on something different entirely. If you are going to attempt to use humor in your video marketing, remember that you don’t want to turn off any potential customers by using language or themes that might be inappropriate. Think about your target audience and use humor that is likely to be appreciated by them. Executing a funny video properly will take some time and practice, so expect to put resources into this method if you wish to do it right.

The Sales Pitch

This video is the same idea as if you were running a ‘brick and mortar’ store and you were trying to sell a product to a customer face to face. You will use direct language as if you are speaking straight to the potential customer, and your goal is to make the sale right then and there. This is similar to the informational video, except more emphasis is placed on pushing the actual sale of the product. This is best used directly on your website, where the customer can just click once and make a purchase.

If you would like to work on adding video marketing strategies to your overall business plan, contact iZIMAX today to learn more about what we offer. Video marketing is just one of many areas in which we can help your business, along with such fields as PPC, SEO, and email marketing. Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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