Video Marketing

video_marketing Videos are the ideal way to educate audiences on your company and products, and they are great for testimonials, interviews, events and training and education. The combination of sight and sound is more engaging and in some cases better conveys messages to audiences. Additionally, video is a great way to demonstrate products or show people how to solve a problem.Video Marketing ServicesWell-produced, high-quality videos can create a favorable impression of your business in the minds of customers. These can also make your company appear more trustworthy, as video gives people a glimpse into your company, including its products and services, processes, values and goals.The iZIMAX team understands what it takes to plan, produce and market videos that attract and engage audiences. Our services, tailored to your business requirements and audience needs, include:
  • Identification of business-specific keywords
  • Review and analysis of existing videos and channels
  • Recommendations and strategies
  • Creation of scripts and voiceovers that convey your brand message
  • Development of graphics and finished production for a polished final product
  • Production and marketing of original, engaging videos that are properly tagged to attract readers and search engines
  • Tracking, analyzing and reporting on results

When to Choose Video

When weighing your options on whether to create a video or go with another format, there are some key considerations to take into account. For some companies, this can be a big decision. So how do you determine what’s right for your business?

  • Take a close look at your overall goals and what you hope to gain from producing a video
  • Consider the intended audience and ask yourself if video is the best way to reach them
  • Determine the message you want to convey and the best way to communicate it
  • Analyze your budget and determine if video is the optimal format for your purposes or if a lower-cost option would work just as well or better
  • Determine if you have the adequate resources available to portray your brand and products in a professional manner

Use with Other Content

Once you have a produced video, it is time to market it to your audience. Videos can be embedded in web page copy and blog posts to better engage site visitors and make content more interesting. And when properly tagged, they can improve positioning on search engine results pages (SERPs) . Some ways iZIMAX recommends maximizing optimization include:

  • Add keyword-rich title and description tags to all videos
  • Include a transcription for improved visibility in search engines
  • Encourage sharing on social media sites
  • Implement link-building strategies

As a side note, transcriptions are also good to include for people who want to skim the content before watching the video. This may be the deciding factor in whether they view or pass on it.

Social Media and Other Marketing

Videos can be shared by themselves, or pages they are embedded in can be shared, as well. Either way, it is important to have visible, easy to use buttons for sharing to popular social media sites. Companies should also post videos on their social media profiles and add them to social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Delicious.

Video marketing should be integrated with marketing plans and strategies and used in conjunction with other promotional efforts and tactics. Some of these include use in press releases and embedding videos or linking to them in email communications.
For maximum distribution and reach, iZIMAX recommends encouraging customers, employees, vendors, friends and other connections to like, comment or share videos and other content. This could be within the video itself or through a call to action in the transcript and the other surrounding content.

Contact us for a quote or more information on how iZIMAX can help your company implement successful video marketing strategies.