Web Development

web_development Websites need to be inviting, visually pleasing, easy to navigate and full of interesting content. You want people to stay on your site, engage with it and learn about your company and products — not just read one page and then leave. And on top of that, you want people to share your site, talk about your brand and of course, purchase your products and services.Web Design and Development Services Whether you are looking for a new website with five pages or 200+ pages, iZIMAX can design, develop and implement the site and functionality to meet your business needs. Our experienced team will work with you to understand your target audience, goals and requirements and then will create a customized design, plans and strategies for your site. Specific services include:
  • Determining goals and requirements
  • Creating a custom design
  • Development of your site, including coding and style sheets
  • Setting up widgets, forms, site search, shopping carts and e-commerce functionality
  • Creating content for web pages, including text, images and video
  • Establishing access to a content management system (CMS)
  • Setting up reliable hosting
  • Testing of pages and functionality
  • Launching your new site
  • Analytics, tracking and reports on results

Web Development for All Businesses

iZIMAX designs and develops websites for businesses in a range of industries. While we customize solutions for each of our clients, some of our specialties include e-commerce, e-learning, corporate branding, jobs/recruiting, real estate, travel, flower shops and hotel booking websites.

Our team can create mobile-friendly or responsive sites that will work on any device, from desktops to tablets and mobile phones. We have the experience to handle the entire process, including copywriting and graphic design services to provide all content to get your site up and running.

iZIMAX’s expert developers can build sites using the types of code that meet your website needs and requirements. They are experienced in HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Flash, and more. Actual web development and coding will reflect the functionality needed for your particular site.

SEO Friendly Websites

Sites developed by iZIMAX are created and launched with SEO in mind. Our team ensures all content — including pages, images and videos — are optimized for search engines . This includes title and description tags and keyword-rich copy for attracting customers and search engines. The site structure, images and functionality are built for maximum performance and fast site/page load times.

Templates also include social media integrationwith buttons and widgets to boost brand awareness and increase interaction with your customers. In addition to sharing features, sites incorporate user-friendly navigation and call-to-action buttons and links throughout to improve engagement, leads and ROI.

Mobile Functionality

According to comScore, mobile devices account for more than 13% of web traffic. Depending on your business, industry or audience, this number can be much higher. And as the number of mobile and tablet devices grows, this trend will continue to increase.

iZIMAX understands how to maximize display, functionality and performance on all viewing devices. Our web development team designs and builds websites with this in mind, and all sites are tested in a range of desktop and mobile browsers to ensure sites are attractive and engage audiences on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

When companies do not optimize websites for all platforms, they risk alienating customers and creating a poor brand experience. This results in missed opportunities, reduced leads and lower online conversions. iZIMAX ensures its clients sites do not fall into this trap.

Contact usfor a quote or more information on how iZIMAX can design and build a site that will be relevant, interesting and engaging for customer and increase leads, conversions and revenue for your company.